By Team IOS, Friday, Mai 24, 2019

Val-d'Or, May 28 et 29, Forestel Hotel


R&D without application is merely Recreation and Distraction! Come and see how we transform it into real innovative solutions...


OK, we have fun innovating since 28 years! But we never lost sight of your needs for solutions! It has been good and less good shots, but also wow technologies that are trusting us into the international arena. So, next Tuesday, at the Consorem' Technological Forum, we will talk not about our latest gizmo, but rather how we created a culture of innovation! And we will do a review of all our gizmos...


« L'innovation chez IOS : 28 années de folie et de vision! »


Not convinced? Visit out booth, we will demo our latest applications, such as ARTPhot automated gold grain counter, ARTSection system for numerical petrography, and most of all our IOS Fieldnote tablet with its IOS FieldGold detector. Bring a piece of core, test it and you'll adopt it, as did many other Abitibi based explorers.


Finally, our latest vision: Geo-environment! You are familiar with geometallurgy, adds the environmental considerations and you embrace the foundation trilogy for project development, from exploration to rehabilitation. A workshop is offred on Wednesday, within the QMEA Explo-Abitibi convention. Comes and rethink your exploration approach.


« Minéralogie, Géométalurgie et caractérisation Géoenvironnementale : Une approche intégrée. »


Dizzling? No problems comes networking and cool-down at Le Prospecteur microbrewy on Wednesday Evening!


"There are those who follow the rules... and those who define them!"



Screen capture from IOS FieldNote tablet, with highlighted gold grain as detected by IOS FieldGold application.

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