By Team IOS, Friday, April 27, 2018

Developing a successful product is a challenge. Delivering for massive demand is something else!


Our proprietary ARTGoldTM technique for gold grain counting is acclaimed as THE prime exploration method in glaciated terrain, while clients are currently building their discovery portfolio. This brought the issue of delivering in a timely and cost effective manner. Now... the bottle-necking problem is an issue of the past!


The production capacity of our facility has been upgraded threefold for the coming season, by adding mechanized sieving units, by adding new fluidized beds units, and by integrating our ARTPhot optical-electron correlative microscopy for grain counting. This routinely allows:

- A +80% consistent recovery of gold grains as small as 15 microns. By comparison, shaking tables enable, at best, a pale and inconsistent recovery of 20% for grain size  50 microns.
- Gold grains counts approximately 7x to 10x those of our competitors for the same sampling sites. Consequently, statistically representative counts can be achieved from 2 kg of till samples instead of 10 kg. Consider the saving at sampling!
- A chemical analysis is provided for every grain, certifying the results and footprinting the signature. No more false counts!
- Accurate grain size measurement that enables volume and mass evaluation using Corey shape factors, from which a sample grade is estimated.
- Repeatable morphological classification using artificial intelligence based ARTMorph technology.
- On demand, heavy mineral grain counting, such as scheelite, silver grains, mercury phases or Platinum Group minerals.


We anticipate that a daily throughput of up to 40 samples will be achieved, meaning proportionally faster turnaround time for clients at competitive cost. Rush services can be arranged allowing tariff supplement, enabling turnaround in less than a month.


Because our clients deserve better than handcrafted results!


There are those who follow the rules... and those who define them!




Typical photomosaic of gold grains ("modified" type) extracted from a till sample from Troiïlus sector, as automatically generated by ARTGoldTM + ARTMorph procedure.

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