Short course in exploration geochemistry

By IOS team, October 20, 2016

"Knowhow is like a cold beer, it tastes better when it is shared in parties"


A short course in exploration geochemistry is offered by IOS as part of the 2nd cycle program in mineral exploration at University of Québec in Chicoutimi (UQAC), on October 27th and 28th. The short course aims to be practical, encompassing planning, sampling, assaying and interpretation of most exploration methods. Mr Réjean Girard will dip into his 30 years of experience to provide tips, review good practices and offer ways to avoid most frequent mistakes. An extensive review of the effects of the sample environment on the genesis of anomaly will be offered, with insights on how to discriminate false anomalies. It will challenge your usual perception and force you to re-think the way you conceived geochemistry. This short course is part of the professional improvement 2nd cycle program in earth science and engineering, and is offered to all professionals of the industry. Contact us if you are interested, we will guide you toward the inscription at UQAC. Some rooms may be made available at our "Maison des géologues" in Chicoutimi.


See you soon!


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