Petrography, at the heart of detail.

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  • Petrography for the mining industry

    • Provides support services aimed at mining exploration including detailed mineralogy, textural description, characterisation of the protolith and alterations.
    • Provide services in mineral processing and metallurgy to assess the quality of ore separation.
  • Petrography for civil engineering

    • Petrographic examination according to the standards (CSA A23.2-15A or ASTM C295) of rock cores and granular materials (fine and coarse agregates).
    • Petrographic examination of hardened concrete.
    • Expertise in dealing with the pyrite and pyrrhotite problem in concrete.
  • Production of thin sections and polished thin sections


  • Zeiss AxioImager.M2m petrographic research microscope
  • Leitz Laborlux and Wild M21 multifunctional petrographic microscopes
  • Leitz Ortholux microscope with 5-axis universal stage
  • Leica M3Croutine stereomicroscope
  • Metallurgical microscope equipped with epifluorescence, interference contrast, etc.
  • Canimpex PixeLINK digital camera, coupled with specialised image processing programme µScope
  • PETROG MicroStepper stage
  • Image processing, texture analysis and composition analysis software
  • Zeiss EVO-MA15 scanning electron microscope (SEM)
  • Large array of equipments for the making and polishing of thin sections