By Team IOS, Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

The event is nearing; do not miss the opportunity to upgrade your skills! Mineralogical approaches are the next frontier in the mineral exploration and applications are getting acceptance. Get familiarized with the arsenal behind this revolution!


The virtual short course on electronic microscopy, offered within the annual convention of the Geological Association of Canada (GAC-MAC) is aiming to improve the skills of both academic researchers in geology or material sciences, as well as exploration geologists or environmental science specialists. It covers a vast array of specialized micro-analytical and imaging technologies, on which abundant applications are now currently being developed. The workshop is offered by a group of industry leaders behind these developments. Put yourself on the cutting edge!


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Saturday, October 30th

9:00 am: Opening and introduction
9:15 am: SEM Basics: Réjean Girard and Jonathan Tremblay, IOS
10:15 am: Coffee break
10:30 am: X-ray fluorescence: Réjean Girard and Jonathan Tremblay, IOS
11:15 am: EDS and WDS: Réjean Girard and Jonathan Tremblay, IOS
12:00 pm: Lunch break


1:00 pm: Quantitative analysis: Réjean Girard and Jonathan Tremblay, IOS
2:00 pm: Chemical mapping: Réjean Girard and Jonathan Tremblay, IOS
2:30 pm: Coffee break
2:45 pm: Micro-XRF, Mark Kelsey, Bruker Nano analytics
3:30 pm: Particle analysis Réjean Girard and Jonathan Tremblay, IOS
4:00 pm: End


Sunday, October 31st


9:00 am: Automated mineralogy: Richard Taylor, Zeiss Research microscopy
9:45 am: Auger spectroscopy, Sridhar Ramamurphy, Western Ontario University
10:45 am: Coffee break
11:00 am: Large area SEM imaging and FIB-SEM tomography: Dirk Schumann, Fibics
11:45 am: Lunch break


1:00 pm: EBSD and electron diffraction; Richard McLaughlin, Oxford Instruments
2:00 pm: Coffee break
2:15 pm: Case studies in geosciences, Derek Wilton, Memorial University:
3:15 pm: Concluding remarks and panel discussion
4:00 pm: End


Note: This is a non-profit activity. All revenues are to be remitted to the Geological Association of Canada.


''There are those who follow the rules... and those who define them''


High-resolution chemical mapping of a clay particle in humic soil, upon which oversaturated copper precipitated as chalcocite. An example of application in contaminated soil characterization as well as for exploration geochemistry.

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