By Team IOS, Thursday, February 11, 2021


We first thought to call this talk ''The Antinorm'', but we feared that you would think we are not normal once more! Still, this is one striking thing our ARTSection technology is doing: a reversed-norm! By accurately quantifying mineral proportions, along with their chemical compositions and phase relations, we are capable to decipher hydrothermal alteration process as never seen before. The method enables unscrambling alteration processes and sequences related to mineralizing event and thus provide new tools in vectoring to guide exploration, to anticipate mineral processing issues, as well as predicting acid drainage in the course of exploitation. At the convergence of exploration, geometallurgy and geo-environment, the method is a workhorse for the mineral-based approach that skillfully complements norms and geochemistry.


The presentation is offered within the Consorem-UQAM Forum on innovation for mineral exploration, to be held virtual on Wednesday, February 17. The time when geologists were data gatherers is over; it is time to be data analysts!


Register at the link hereafter... or keep measuring 2V angles...


''There are those who follow the rules... and those who define them''









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