Xplor 2017

By Team IOS, Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Our 2017 calendar was under press when AEMQ noticed that XPlor 2017 and Exploration17 were at the same time… so they rescheduled Xplor… but it was too late to reprint the calendar! Hence, October 18th and 19th, we welcome you at…

Xplor 2017, the annual happening of Québec Mineral Exploration Association, to be held at Place Bonaventure in Montreal. Everybody from the mineral industry is invited, from geologists to investors, from prospectors to managers!

And this is our 25th booth as faithful service provider.  From intrepid geologists (which we still are) to technology developers, come and see how we evolved!

  • Bring your core and samples, and dare to challenge our « Fieldgold » detector… live on the big screen!
  • Be introduced to our “IOSFieldNote” numerical pad, designed by and for field geologist!
  • Ask for a demo of our ARTgold®, ARTMin and ARTSections techniques
  • See how ARTPhot is ready to disrupt gold exploration!
  • Kaskoo X-04?  Not this year!
  • And attend to a introduction to HyperCube datamining system!

Talking HyperCube, a talk will be presented Wednesday morning at 11:20, within the “Exploration future strategies”.  The talk aims to demystify this rare event prediction system in a manner comprehensive for an exploration geologist. And if you are really keen on artificial intelligence applications in exploration, we are organizing a training session on the system where Mr Clément Dombrowski will present how it works. This session, held on Thursday morning (9:30 to 12:00 plus a lunch) at Bonaventure Hotel. It's free, and can be credited as training in regard of your professional requirements. Contact us to register; there is only 10 places available.

And for those who wants to party, just print the ticket and come…



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