Short course - Quality controls

By IOS team, January 21, 2016

"Before and beyond analytical issues"

As part of the 2nd cycle program in mineral exploration at the University of Québec in Chicoutimi (UQAC), IOS will jointly offer a two-day training session for exploration professionals. This short course will focus on quality control issues in geological data acquisition process and will be presented by Paul Bédard, professor at UQAC, and Réjean Girard, IOS, on January 28th and 29th 2016 at UQAC. This course will focus on overall quality management in mineral exploration, from field notes to reports. It encompasses errors source identification and their preventive measures regarding different types of data: qualitative data such as drill logs; semi-quantitative data such as lithological counting or RQD; quantitative data, such as chemical analysis, and an introduction to Gy's sampling theory. A detailed description of the various types of errors that marred the quantitative data, such as chemical analysis (precision, accuracy, resolution, robustness) will be presented, as well as management methods to minimize these and how such errors propagate through calculations. Finally, a review of integrated management protocols (total quality, six-sigma, etc.) and their industrial counterparts (standards, certifications) will be presented. Gold analysis will be discussed in detail.

This short course is part of the professional improvement 2nd cycle program in earth science and engineering, and is offered to all professionals in the industry. It is equivalent to 45 hours of continuing education for the option with homework or 15 hours for the auditor option. Contact us if you are interested, we will guide you toward the registration at UQAC. Some rooms can be made available at our "Maison des géologues" in Chicoutimi.

We hope to see you in the audience!

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