By Team IOS, Friday September 23, 2022

A workshop offered at Xplor-2022

Québec Mining Exploration Association (AEMQ)

October 3rd 2022, Westin Hotel, Montréal


Last call to access to 40 years of expertise!


Attending Xplor-2022 convention? Take the opportunity to upgrade your geochemistry skills by tapping a wealth of experience. Leading geochemical surveys since 1982, the lecturer, Réjean Girard, offers 40 years of experience made of swamps, sweats, success and errors, and above all thinking and intuition about how to make these techniques work properly.  


It is paradoxical how exploration geochemistry is widely used by the industry despite its low success rate. The one day workshop aims to provide understanding of the process causing metal accumulation in the environment, so survey can be properly designed and interpreted. Chemistry is deterministic, so understanding subjacent processes is the cornerstone of discriminating meaningful anomalies from parasitic metal abundances induced by the environment, or true from false anomalies. The morning will be dedicated to detrital dispersion, such as till geochemistry or gold grain counting, while the afternoon will deal with hydromorphic, or cationic, dispersion such as in soil, lake, groundwater, etc. Aside of reviewing good planning and sampling practices, the workshop will focus on how metals accumulate in the local secondary environment, and how such effects can be removed in order to enhance the signal to noise ratio. A rigorous anomaly threshold determination method, based on recent developed stochastic modeling, and tested on multiples surveys, will be disclosed.


Notes this is your last chance, this workshop will not be offered anymore afterwards. Be above the mean, aim at being the anomaly and register.




"There are those who follow the rules… and those who define them"

One of the key in interpreting hydromorphic dispersion of metal is correcting the influence of the environmental parameters, such as acidity for lead abundance.



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