EARTH MODELLING 2016: Imaging your imagination!

By IOS team, September 26, 2016

Passionate of cutting-edge geosciences? We invite you to "Earth Modelling 2016" next October 3 and 4 in Montréal, just before XPLOR 2016. This scientific forum, organized by Mira Geoscience, will gather experts in geoscience data modelling, including artificial intelligence applied to geoscience. Known worldwide keynote speakers, such as Dr. Harold Gibson and Dr. Jim Franklin, plus a vast array of industry and academia specialists from around the world will bring you up-to-date with this fast-evolving field. The official program ( includes talks on data management, data modelling, integrated interpretation as well as data analysis based on artificial intelligence and big-data mining.


M. Clément Dombrowski, geologist at IOS, will present a talk on the application of HyperCube® applied to georeferenced data. Following a description of the algorithms used by such "brute-force" binary classifier, a series of applications on mineral endowment evaluation at a regional scale as well as property scale will be presented. Finally, some applications where the system has been used to solve complex issues with multivariate surveys, and more specifically in the interpretation of noisy soil geochemical surveys, will be discuss. The "Lift-Index", a powerful exploration geochemistry interpretation protocol, derived from this application, will be presented.


See you there!

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