By Team IOS, Friday April 10, 2020

A Webminar from the UQAC' Professional Master program in mineral exploration.


Wednesday April 15 to Saturday April 18, 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.




The best investments in resources, it's investing in the human resources that are developing them! And the best investment in human resources, it's to invest in yourself!


On March 24th, mineral exploration went to a grinding halt in Québec. However, on April 6th Gouvernement du Québec invited us to get ready for the rebound and introduced its Concerted Action Plan for Employment (PACME) which aims to support training programs. Message is simple: Take benefits of the pause in your professional activities to improve your skills! Back to blackboard... in the comfort of your home!


As part of UQAC' Professional master program in mineral exploration, Réjean Girard, will offer a class in Exploration geochemistry. It's 38 years of experience condensed into a 16 hours short course, spread over four afternoon sessions. The course encompasses theoretical concepts, practical sampling tips, analytical procedure, innovative interpretation methods plus an incursion into new high-tech arsenal.


The short-course is to be interactive on the web, accessible on your computer, lap-top, tablet or cell phone, through Google-Hangout-Meet. If you wish to register as off-program attendee (1 credit), please contact Dr. Paul Bédard at ::email::. Or you can register as free attendee by contacting the author at ::email::. A link to download the presentation (*.pdf) will be provided.


The class is to be given in French. If sufficient interest is present, an English version may be organized.


Just grab the opportunity!


6SCT838: Exploration Geochemistry

Wednesday: Detrital dispersion: Theory and practice

- Introduction: Debunking the myths
- The glaciated terrain
- Sampling method
- Analytical methods and QAQC
- Heavy mineral concentration

Thursday: Detrital dispersion: Interpretation

- Corrosion, abrasion and preservation
- Interpreting the chemical signature
- Interpreting gold signature
- Gold grain counting
- Indicator minerals
- Automated mineralogy (Exclusive!)

Friday: Cationic dispersion: Theory and practice

- Introduction: Myths debunking
- Soil composition
- Sampling methods
- Analytical methods and QAQC
- Liberation and dispersion of the cationic charge
- Fixation and anomaly genesis
- Lake bottom sediments
- Biochemistry

Saturday: Cationic dispersion: Interprétation

- Statistical methods
- Probabilisitc methods (New!)
- Deterministic methods (Exclusive!)
- AI and machine learning approaches (An introduction!)


''Good to follow the rules... Better if you define them!''


Lake bottom sampling on a tight regular grid, Opinaca Reservoir, 2017.

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