By Team IOS, Friday March 02, 2018

Information seminar, Val-d'Or, Thursday, March 15, 2018
English: 8:30, French 1:00 PM.


Field season is approaching, and geologists are busy getting their campaign prepared. Aiming to best field practices, acquisition of error-free data with the use of a numerical pad is now a must for serious geologists and technicians. And why struggling to build your own system if there is one already fully tested by teams of field geologists?


Following a series of implementations for major clients, IOS will offer a free seminar on the use of its IOS FieldNote numerical pad, to be held in Val-d'Or on March 15th, at our Geopolis office. Be familiarized with field procedures, customized capture forms and the use of ArcGIS interactive maps. The system, tested in the field for 4 years, is available on 5'' (cellular format), 7'' and 8'' (tablet format) pads, and includes a customizable application for data capture, as well as the applications for interactive map visualization and data transfer. The pad includes integrated GPS and high resolution camera, enabling geotagged photographs and data capture. Developed on Android platform by Groupe Système Forêt, the system is already widely in use by forestry industry, and has been seamlessly adapted for geological fieldwork. It is user-friendly, robust and dependable. Still want to reinvent the wheel?


Using a numerical pad for field work has numerous advantages. It enables the acquisition of systematized notes which are GIS ready. No more junior typing data at the camp! It enables collecting errorless and complete dataset, noteworthy for location and transcription. It uses drop-down menus and proposes customized values, just as for dill core description. The format is systematic, and reminds for important data, such as outcrop coordinates. Menus are easily customized, to fit specific project's needs. Since coordinates are automatically downloaded from GPS to the database, including geotagged images, database is error free in this regard. And if you take a picture of an outcrop, a sampling site or even a sample bag, their coordinates are transferred into a database, enabling office validation. Adding the Geode DGPS enable acquisition of coordinate with decimetre precision, allowing tracing outcrop outline, geological contacts, channel samples, etc. Inversely, traverses and profiles can be programmed to navigate in the field and guide the team directly on sampling sites. The outcome is simply a robust field database that you can depend on.


And maybe, one day, we will distribute the IOS FieldGold application to convert the tablet into a portable gold detector!


Update your good old habits, and come learning how to improve your field efficiency. Register by contacting our specialist, Mme Mélanie Aubin (::email::).


"There are those who follow the rules ... and those who define them!"




IOS FieldNote 5'' notepad, displaying the till sampling form. This small format pad is appreciated for sampling programs.




IOS FieldNote 5'' pad (to the left) displaying an interactive map and the IOS FieldNote 8'' pad (to the right) displaying a till sampling form. This large format tablet is particularly suited for geological mapping and outcrop description.

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