IOS FieldNote: The numerical pad for field geologist is now commercially available.

By IOS team, June 22, 2017

After years of experimentation and testing, IOS is now proud to commercially offer its IOS-FieldNote numerical pad. Following a recent agreement with Groupe Système Forêt from Levis, Québec, IOS is now the distributor of their GSF-Nav software line to the mineral exploration industry. Initially developed for forestry, this efficient pad-based GIS system has been adapted specifically for mineral exploration tasks. The system includes:

• A ruggedized numerical pad, 5", 7" or 8".
• Customized and interactive forms for data entry such as outcrop description, soil or sediment description, sampling (rock, soil, lake sediments, tills, etc.).
• Automated GPS coordinate reading with a precision of a few metres at each entry as well as pictures (13 mpx) geotagging linked to the database.
• Navigation and sampling routine programming.
• Import and interactive field viewing of ArcGIS workbooks and databases.
• Export and synchronization of entries into your ArcGIS system.
• 8 hours of autonomy, plus external batteries.
• External micro-camera enabling photos up to 200x magnifications (to show your boss the tiny gold grains...).
• Cell phone-ready.
• External GPS antenna available on request, enabling positioning with a sub-metric precision.

Simple to use, it is friendly, robust, and accessible to any field geologists and technicians.

IOS is known to be the Québec's leader in rigorous field data collecting and sampling. We collaborated with the MERN's Géofiches development about 30 years ago, and systematized its uses since the onset of the firm in 1992, subsequently introducing our Géosol form for sediment sampling. Hence, all databases we made and provided to clients are uniform, across projects, through time. We use GSF plateform since two years in internally managed projects, so we extensively proofed it in the field, in different contexts, in different environments. Through time, our crews tested various other systems, either developed by clients or various service providers, so GSF system has been benchmarked. And the choice has been obvious. It works, it is functional, and now it is available! We currently have about 30 of these used by our crews.


Unless you still prefer the pencil and ...



IOS-FieldNote numerical pad in use on field.


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