IOS Services Géoscientifiques Inc. and BearingPoint made a partnership to offer Hypercube© prediction and data mining software to the mineral exploration industry.

By IOS team, May 29, 2015

Just as we can't predict when the flipped coin will fall on its rim, mineral occurrences are rare and stubbornly defy statistics and predictions...

Prediction of mineral occurrences from heterogeneous geo-data remains the “Holy Grail” of mineral exploration! From this standpoint, IOS is pleased to announce the signature of a partnership agreement with BearingPoint, a business solution firm, in order to provide their Hypercube© software to the exploration industry. The agreement, effective on June 1st 2015 and for an unlimited period, aims to develop spatial referencing interface and commercial data processing services for the mineral industry.

Hypercube© is a data mining and rare or complex event prediction software, currently used in medical application, nuclear safety, industrial processes, professional sports, financial analysis, Intelligence, etc. It is considered as the most efficient artificial intelligence software by the MIT as well as Pasteur Institute. Application to mineral exploration, an industry based upon discovery of rare features, is self-evident but requires the development of protocols and interfaces to allow integration of spatially related datas.

Hypercube©'s sophisticated algorithms compute association of phenomenon in n-dimensions space, which are neither stochastic nor Euclidean. Compared to other algorithms on the market, such as "weight-of-evidence" or "neural network", Hypercube© does not require to introduce bias and is not a black-box. It is peculiarly robust to interrogate incomplete or asymmetrical databases composed of a mixture of continuous as well as discrete variables. And as geologist knows, such databases dominate geodata. Preliminary tests carried on geochemical database by IOS already unearthed prediction rules which are non-intuitive for the experts, although factually efficient.

Custom data processing is expected to be available for IOS’s clients by autumn 2015. Please, contact our specialist, Mr. Clément Dombrowski, P. Geo, or come and visit our booth at Explo-Abitibi, next June 3 and 4 in Rouyn-Noranda.

Because who know us know we will succeed!


About BearingPoint:

BearingPoint is a business solution and technology with about 3600 employees in 18 offices and partnerships across the world. With a revenue of 560 M€, it collaborates with leading european or global firms as well with national and supranationals entities.

Contact for Hypercube : David Weber - Tel : +  33 652 889 567

Lire en complément le texte de David Weber : Exploration minière et pétrolière: qui a peur du grand méchant Big Data ?

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