Is there better moment than Québec Mines to unveil ARTMin technology?

By Team IOS, Monday, November 20, 2017

We are working on this automated technology for indicator mineral reconnaissance since years. We just succeeded. It is done and now commercially available.

ARTMin is an automated identification routine for minerals by scanning polished surfaces (blocks or thin sections), acquiring a chemical analysis of each of grain or mineral present, and identifying the nature of these minerals according to a universal mineral library (currently containing 976 mineral species). Unlike QEMSCAN and MLA, and at the same speed as these devices, ARTMin routine acquires, for each particle identified, a complete chemical analysis, including some trace elements, thus allowing a fine classification of phases with similar chemical characteristics. It provides reliable detection of subtle indicator minerals, even those that cannot be discriminated visually. A typical example is the detection of eclogitic garnets for diamond exploration, manganese-bearing epidote for porphyry systems, or zinc-bearing staurolite for metamorphosed SEDEX. As an example, we just delivered a survey to a client that included 980,000 chemical analyses!

ARTMin will send visual heavy minerals sorting to the museum!

Want to know more? A talk will be presented Tuesday November 21st at 12 pm, in the “Geochemical signature of indicator minerals” session, room 303-AB. The talk “Ore deposit related indicator minerals: From theory to the application!” given by R. Girard, will present the fundamentals of automated mineral classification and its current performances.

Québec Mines is also the right moment to disclose the first results from a public survey using our ARTGold technology. Mr Olivier Lamarche and Ms Virginie Daubois from MRNQ will talk about “Glacial drift prospecting for gold in the Lac Nemiscau area”, Thursday at 10:45 am, room 303-AB, within the “Gold in metamorphic terrains-the example of Eeyou Istchee James Bay” session. We can say more but to invite you!

Finally, Ms Ludivine Mathieu will present a poster in the exhibit room: “Optical reconnaissance of sulfides and oxide grains using multispectral imaging”. The poster describes fundamentals and first results of mineral identification through image processing.

And if you do not believe us, our ARTPhot system will be on dynamic display at our booth, #301-#302.

For all these, we are inviting you at Québec Mines, next November 21st to 23rd, at the Québec City Conference center.

9000 heavy mineral grains classified by species using ARTMin technology.


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