Tested, compared, adopted!

We work on it since years. Companies are testing them, and adopting them. Our automated mineralogy technologies, the ART family, are gaining acceptance from the mineral exploration community as well as from leading mining groups. We currently receive as much mandates from the rest of Canada than our usual domestic Québec-based market, and our dreams of international diffusion are coming through. Mission accomplished!


In the last few months, despite the current lockdown, we were granted a series of projects by global mining companies from four continents:

• ARTMin technology to be used for porphyry copper-related indicator minerals survey in Chile.
• ARTGoldTM technology to characterize coarse gold distribution in a deposit from Brazil.
• ARTMin technology for industrial minerals evaluations in Australia, the United States and South Africa.
• ARTSection application for kimberlite petrography from South Africa.
• ARTGoldTM application for non-conventional gold mineralization from Nunavut.


We are viral, and have no intent to recluse ourselves!


« There are those who follow the rules... and those who define them »


False colour classification of heavy mineral species, as performed by ARTMin.

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