Resources for future generation 2018

By Team IOS, Tuesday September 26, 2017

Next June, beautiful Vancouver is inviting you to the next global conference on Georesources, jointly held by IUGS, GAC, MAC and CIM! More than 200 technical sessions will be organized, dealing with a vast spectrum of topics related to Energy, Minerals, Water and the Earth.

Faithful to its tradition of promoting diffusion of new technologies in mineral exploration, IOS is organizing a technical session on:


Organized by Réjean Girard as convener and Chris Hamilton from SFR Corp as co-convener, the session aims to provide a first-ever overview of the technological tools developed in the fast evolving fields of applied mineralogy and geometallurgy and how they can be used to bring some exploration practices to a new level. If you share an interest in this value-added aspect of mineral-based approaches, you are invited to submit an abstract and make a contribution to the exploration community.


MIN53: Quantitative Mineralogy: Application in Mineral Exploration

While using mineral signatures as exploration method is an active field of research, comparatively little has been conducted on how to improve the routine identification of these minerals. Quantitative mineralogy is the workhorse of geometallurgy, a concept in which metal grades are replaced by mineral abundance in mining operations. The session aims to present the application of automated SEM techniques (QEMSCAN, MLA and others) to the identification and quantification of indicator minerals in heavy minerals concentrates and how the conventional visual sorting of minerals can be replaced by automated means.



A technological advance: Gold grain mosaic from a 10 kg till sample, as generated with the use of an automated 4th generation SEM.


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