Vior begins the 2016 summer exploration program for rutile on the Foothills project, St-Urbain, Quebec.

By Vior, Juin 1, 2016
QUÉBEC, CANADA, JUNE 1, 2016 - SOCIÉTÉ D’EXPLORATION MINIÈRE VIOR INC. (TSX - V: VIO), FRANKFURT: VL5) – is pleased to announce the start of the 2016 summer exploration program on the company’s wholly-owned Foothills rutile project, located in the St-Urbain area, 100 kilometers east of Quebec City. This program is a follow-up on the successful results obtained during the 2015 summer campaign where the Boudreau and the Blueberry Lake massive ilmenite showings were discovered and two kilometric trains of rutile-rich ilmenite (high-titanium content) blocks were outlined on the field. The program consists of a field follow-up, including mapping and comprehensive soil and rock sampling over geophysical targets identified from based programs carried out in 2015 (pressrelease of February 20, 2015), and more recently in winter 2016. The 2016 helicopter-borne magnetic survey covered an area of 130 square-kilometers in the central and northern part of the property totaling 1,515 kilometers of flight lines at 100-meter spacing between lines, while the ground gravity survey was performed along 47 kilometers of lumber roads for 873 reading stations in the central part of the property. Interpretation of results acquired from the recent magnetic and gravity programs has helped to improve the geological understanding of the area with several priority areas  identified for on ground follow up. A ground gravity survey is still underway in the south
western part of the property near the Boudreau massive ilmenite showing located along the rutile-rich ilmenite block train where titanium (TiO2) contents range between 42.1% and 57. 6%, with an average of 52.5%. In the industry, most of rutile and ilmenite is processed into non-toxic white titanium dioxide pigment for use in the manufacture of paints,  plastics, paper, textiles, cosmetics and ceramics. Rutile is also used to produce titanium metal for use in aircraft, spacecraft, surgical implants, motor vehicles and desalination   plants (source: Geoscience Australia website). As previously announced, exploration   activity is being undertaken as part of a joint venture agreement with Iluka Exploration (Canada) Ltd. ("Iluka"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Iluka Resources Limited   (ASX:ILU), the largest producer of the high-grade titanium dioxide products of rutile and synthetic rutile.
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