By Team IOS, Monday June 18, 2018

A post-rfg2018 workshop held by MRDU and ZEISS!
VANCOUVER, June 22 2018

On a global scale, about 2.4 tons of gold are lost in tailing ponds every year! Think about it!


Gold recovery in mills is typically considered as excellent, ranging between 90% and 98%. But still, each gain of 1% recovery has tremendous impacts on overall profitability, and a constant care shall be dedicated to this issue. But, to improve recovery require to understand why gold is lost, which in turn require to know gold speciation and deportment. Considering the low 50 ppb abundance of gold in a typical tails, evaluating deportment is challenging!


Based on its expertise on gold recovery from glacial sediments, IOS, along with Agnico-Eagle metallurgists, tackled the problem, and designed a quick and low-cost deportment test for gold. The method will be presented at the Zeiss-MDRU post-convention workshop on geometallurgy, held in Vancouver on June 22. A load of diversified talk about geometallurgy and ore characterization will be presented. You are a metallurgist or mineralogist fascinated by technology, you shall attend.


There are those who follow the rules... and those who define them!



3-D rendering of a 50 microns gold grain, as generated by X-ray micro-tomography.

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