Research and Development

Motivation driven by innovation!

Our commitment

  • Several innovations are currently commercialised
  • 2-3% of the revenues are invested in SR&ED
  • Support programme for graduate studies
  • CRSNG, CNRC, FQRNT, DIVEX, etc. networking.
  • Partnership with UQAC, Université de Sherbrooke, Université Laval, Centre de géomatique du Québec (CGQ), etc.
  • Dedicated laboratory and staff

Ongoing projects

  • Development of an automated recognition system for detrital gold in heavy minerals, using photonics technology
  • Development of automated mineral recognition routines using electron microscopy
  • Calibration of atomiser/sprayer/pulveriser/aerosoliser for routine determination of the bond index
  • Determination of metal partitioning in lake-bottom sediments
  • Development of deterministic methods for the interpretation of geochemical surveys from secondary environments

Completed Projects

  • Classification algorithms for indicator minerals
  • Sequential extraction analysis of lake-bottom sediments
  • Distribution of metals in soil-plant humus cycle
  • Determination of metal partitioning in organic soils
  • Metal accumulation in soils in the presence of natural and artificial galvanoplastic cells
  • Separation of heavy minerals using LST heavy liquids
  • Application of epifluorescence to mineralogy
  • Of the use of feldspar triclinicity as indicator of superheated magma
  • Development of high efficiency sluices for separating detrital gold grains (ARTGoldTM)
  • Modular limnothermic heating system for temporary camps
  • Modular temporary bridges
  • Testing of KASKOO-X04